Nunnenkamp, Proffitt swat RVGHOF field Aug 1, 2012  (7 years ago)

By Randy King
Aug 1, 2012, 08:42

The golfers capture the senior and super senior divisions by margins of four and 10 strokes.

Bill Nunnenkamp moved from Long Island, N.Y., to Roanoke in 1996 to take a job in pest control services. After his wife died in 2002, he retired to take care of his son, Brandon, who was in grade school.

Well, 10 years later, there's a bunch of older golfers in the area who probably wish he had packed up the lad and high-tailed it back to New York.

"You know, I really like it down here," the 61-year-old Nunnenkamp said. "But the Yankees beating up the Southerners here, I'm telling you they don't like it!"

The 61-year-old Blue Hills member basically exterminated the field Tuesday at Hanging Rock, shooting a 3-under-par 69 to cruise to a four-stroke victory in the 27th Roanoke Valley Golf Hall of Fame Senior championship. It marked Nunnenkamp's second victory in the past five years in the event.

In a championship that may long be remembered for its beat-downs, Nunnenkamp's rout in the 55-and-over class didn't come close to matching the domination by Hidden Valley's Bill Proffitt in the 65-and-over super senior division as the 68-year-old waltzed to a 10-stroke victory. It was the second straight crown in the event for Proffitt, whose 36-hole total of 6-under-par 138 obliterated his tournament-record score of 144 set last year.

First, let's talk about Nunnenkamp.

Certainly, his solid golf game looks much better than he does these days. He's wearing braces on each of his chronic bad knees. His left one has been replaced twice and needs a third procedure. As soon as his left one gets a second mulligan, he plans on having the right one replaced.

Forget wasting time hitting practice balls. He gets enough action playing almost every day of the week.

"The knees are worn out already. I can't wear them out any more practicing," Nunnenkamp said. "How painful are they? Well, put it this way: I take five to seven heavy-duty narcotic pills to get through the day. I take two as soon as I open my eyes in the morning."

Then he goes out and whips almost everybody's tail on the golf course.

"Winning never gets old, especially when you're old," Nunnenkamp said with a smile. "And I don't plan on this being the last one.

"I mean, how much more broken down can I get?"

Locked in a three-way tie for the lead after a first-round 1-under 71 at Blacksburg Country Club on Monday, Nunnenkamp bogeyed Nos.3 and 4, then played the final 14 in 5-under to come home four strokes ahead of Ashley Plantation's David Vest (73) and Hanging Rock's Bill Burton (72).

"Bill is a solid player, and I tried to put pressure on him and I couldn't do it," said Vest, who chipped in twice for birdie at Nos. 15 and 18. "He scrambled when he had to and made a lot of birdies. He's just too good. He's out of my league.

"I wish he would go back to doing [the exterminating gig] or go back to New York!"

Burton, 58, said that what you see is not what you get. He says you can forget what Nunnenkamp looks like in his knee braces.

"Bill is tough, tough, I'm telling you," Burton said. "He just keeps hitting it down the middle and doesn't beat himself. You've got to go beat him, and that's not easy."

Ask the guys at Blue Hills. Nunnenkamp said if he were 100 percent he would never get a wager on the first tee box every day. As things stand now, he has to play the blue tees simply to get some action with his buddies, who get to play the shorter whites.

"I'm in a 24-hour grind mode over there, which probably helps me when I come and play these tournaments," said Nunnenkamp, who also has three stents in his heart.

"Hey, I've never felt sorry for myself. You just keep grinding; you just keep doing what you do."

Same deal for Proffitt, who like Nunnenkamp is not the longest hitter of his age group but hits the ball straight enough to keep it in the short grass most of the time.

"I play boring golf ... there's nothing really exciting," Proffitt said after his first-round age-matching 68. "Obviously, I'm pleased with the way I played. I played solidly for two days and my golf game is pretty good right now."

You think? He lapped the field by 10 shots. Hanging Rock's Dale Moore (72) and Dick Nelson (76) tied with Blacksburg's Mac McClelland tied for second at 148.

Hanging Rock captured the team title in both divisions, beating Blue Hills by three shots in the senior class and winning by eight over Blacksburg in the super senior division.

Tuesday’s final-round results of the 27th Roanoke Valley Golf Hall of Fame senior men championship played at Hanging Rock Golf Club (par: 36-36 — 72)

Senior Division (6,028 yards)
Bill Nunnenkamp (BH) 71-69—140
Bill Burton (HR) 72-72—144
David Vest (AP) 71-73—144
Chips Wooddy (R) 77-72—149
Roger Young (Blk) 71-79—150
Van Renick (OM) 74-76—150
John Hubbard (HR) 74-77—151
Jack Tuttle (HV) 75-76—151
Gary Stoneman (ML) 76-75—151
Rodney Naff (BH) 77-76—153
Rick Sword (HR) 78-76—154
Len Mosser (HV) 78-77—155
Tim Chocklett (HH) 78-77—155
Butch VanHoozier (Blk) 74-82—156
Evans Deane (OM) 77-79—156
Roger Holnback (R) 77-80—157
Jerry Landrum (OM) 78-79—157
Hal Clary (ML) 85-73—158
Chuck Watson (BH) 81-79—160
Mike Fielder (B) 81-79—160
Ken Stump (BH) 82-78—160
Rex Mook (HV) 82-79—161
Theta Bowden (Blk) 77-85—162
Jack Trussell (HV) 84-79—163
Jatin Patel (BH) 81-82—163
Bob Birch (HV) 82-81—163
Don Assaid (AP) 87-77—164
Larry Kessinger (Blk) 82-82—164
L.B. Bailey (HR) 86-81—167
Woody Deans (HR) 86-81—167
Charlie Snyder (B) 88-90—168
Ron Smith (OM) 85-83—168
Jeff Mackey (HH) 84-84—168
Bill Humphries (R) 80-88—168
Mike McGinty (Blk) 84-84—168
Tony Hart (B) 84-85—169
Ray Sprinkle (AP) 87-84—171
Gary Mundy (B) 84-89—173
Ken Wilburn (OM) 87-88—175
Don Eubank (AP) 86-90—176
Jack Helms (R) 87-92—179
Jim Ketron (B) 86-94—180
Steve Kendrick (ML) 92-88—180
Art Lawrence (AP) 99-91—180
1, Hanging Rock (HR), 449; 2, Blue Hills (BH), 452; 3, Ole Monterey (OM), 463; 4, Blacksburg Country Club (Blk), 465; 5, Hidden Valley (HV), 467; 6, Roanoke Country Club (R), 474; 7, Ashley Plantation (AP), 475; 8, Mariners Landing (ML), 489; 9, Botetourt Golf & Swim Club (B), 490.

Super seniors (5,472 yards)

Bill Proffitt (HV) 68-70—138
Dale Moore (HR) 76-72—148
Mac McClelland (Blk) 73-75—148
Dick Nelson (HR) 72-76—148
Al Looney (BH) 76-73—149
B.H. Rakestraw (Blk) 76-75—151
Marvin Taylor (R) 73-78—151
Barrett Cawood (W) 74-77—151
Fred Widdowson (HR) 82-71—153
Dan Mitchell (BH) 79-75—154
Bill Shrader (R) 76-79—155
Mike Monroe (W) 76-79—155
Ned Baber (R) 75-81—156
Roger Barker (B) 79-78—157
Hank Highfill (HR) 85-73—158
Gib Wingfield (AP) 79-79—158
John Griffith (B) 79-80—159
Burt Clemmer (HV) 83-76—159
Jim Davidson (Blk) 80-80—160
Don Chappell (B) 83-77—160
Fred Walters (AP) 84-77—161
Crady Adams (BH) 81-80—161
Roger Brizendine (Blk) 82-82—164
Chip Fitch (HV) 85-80—165
Jim Allman (BH) 84-82—166
Ralph McCampbell (B) 84-82—166
Garland Berry (HH) 83-86—169
Ray Corron (W) 86-84—170
Tony Donato (HH) 83-88—171
Dallas Jarrell (HH) 81-91—172
David Price (AP) 92-95—187
1, Hanging Rock, 291; 2, Blacksburg Country Club (Blk), 299; 3, Blue Hills (BH), 303; 4, Roanoke Country Club (R), 305; 5, Waterfront (W), 306; 6, Botetourt Golf & Swim Club (B), 313; 7, Ashley Plantation (AP), 319; 8, Hunting Hills (HH), 338.

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